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So you had a bad day?

Remember, when you have a bad day, it happens. You can do several things at the end of the day, you can sit and complain, have a stiff drink, eat, or you can think about what went wrong. You have the opportunity to learn why it was a bad day. Can you take away anything good that happened? I’ll bet something good happened but you just blocked it out because you look at it as a bad day.

The good thing about having things go wrong is that we can appreciate the good days. Do you? Do you think about the good days? You should because we need to appreciate the good days. We need to have something to look forward to. We have so much to appreciate and we have brighter days ahead. There is always something to look forward to. Let’s remember how lucky we are and how things will be better if we work towards a better day. Think about your plan and then think about how to get there. You can do it, just do what it takes. Read books about tragedies and you will see that even the victims find a way to make things better, sometimes it takes several years, but the big picture gets better. It’s called faith, you need to have faith that things will get better, and they always do. I am not saying there won’t be setbacks and bad days but overall things turn out to be pretty good.

So don’t get depressed, get determined to be better and have a great day! You can do it if you really want to feel better and look forward to brighter days.


Wake up and remember your promise! New’s Year’s Promise!

So, here it is, just past mid January and you already want to abandon any promise you made for your New Year’s Eve resolution. Probably has to do with diet or exercise, and already it’s not convenient or it turned out to be work. So you just want to give up. Well, the only good quitter is one that quits a bad habit. Well think about what you would say about someone else that gave up so easily! What would you say, how would you judge another? Let’s say it’s someone you didn’t have much respect for because they never follow through. Well, now look in the mirror and judge!

Quitting a bad habit isn’t really quitting you know, it’s developing a good habit. So don’t think of what you’re promise is as hard or that you are going to quit eating the wrong food or quit sitting around getting fat and unhealthy, bad attitude about quitting! Change that mindset to what you want! What do you want, to be healthy, it starts with your mindset. You’re not quitting so much as starting a new good habit. You are finally getting into the habit of being healthy, eating right, and putting all the blocks into place to living a better life, a new habit.

This sounds easy if you really want to be healthy and want to gain the respect of yourself and others. If you’ve already started then keep at it. I have a few pointers though.

If you are trying to eat healthy and don’t like the foods you chose, there are plenty more. Look around for something you like that is healthy. Don’t trust a box when the box says it’s good for you, do some research and make sure how much you can eat. Most people like carrots and celery, and they are good. If you work out you probably could put some peanut butter on them. Find what you like and stick with it until you are ready to try something new.

If you are trying to exercise and hate it, then find something you like. Make sure it’s something you can afford, jogging and running and walking are easy and only cost you the price of sneakers. You can think of this as a new habit, starting something new. Maybe you like team sports, go for it, there are plenty out there, from soccer to baseball to racquetball. Try something, make sure it fits your budget and make sure you can do it. Don’t try a marathon right out of the box. It is a starting a new habit, something that when you start doing it awhile, you will want get better, you will miss it when you don’t do it. And the great thing is that if you get bored with it, you can try something new.

So if you have left a bad habit behind then replace it with a new habit that is good for you, something you can call your own and something you can enjoy! I feel lucky because I like to do things but my schedule really only allows me to run and lift, which I enjoy at 6AM. I am trying to stay healthy and I don’t go crazy but I really enjoy it, I have for years. I spend several years when the kids were young just working and taking care of the kids, but one day I woke up and realized I had to do something. I found out that I eat better but my wife has a lot to do with that, and it’s a good thing! I feel lucky, I really do, and thankful that it’s part of my life. I see my kids exercising and I feel I had something to do with that, now they are in their 20s and are keeping in shape. So remember that you can set an example with your actions.

Get out there and do something good! Don’t give up on those promises you made for the year that can make your life better, just find a way to make them fir your lifestyle. Find a way to become a better person with new habits, leaving the waste behind and adding new productive habits to your daily life. I know you can do it, if you really want to and you care about what you think about yourself! 


Just so you can all laugh at me, here I am at the gym.Image

New Year Promises

OK, it’s mid January and most of you already broke your New Year’s Resolution while many of you think you can make it. So what was your resolution, lose weight, work out, eat right, make more money, discipline, or something else that you plan to do differently. Well, I wish you all luck.

Now let me ask you this, how many of you made a well thought out plan? This is the key and to set you expectations in a reasonable light. Planning and good expectations are very important. I think if people can make a good plan instead of just jumping into something they should expect better results. You should also look at the goal, set timelines that you can meet.

I see many people flood the gym in January, especially women. They have plans to lose weight and work out. Then the gym thins out and you see only the regulars by May, and the ones that make it to May are the better of the group but they eventually quit. So how do you break the pattern, it’s really easier than you think.

First, if you’re going to exercise, find something you like to do! It’s that easy, not everyone likes going to a gym, do you like to hike, bike, run, jog, fish, photograph, skydive, whatever, just get out and do it. Then make a plan that you can stick to. Many people, especially with kids or a demanding job find it hard to make time, but that is where you really need to put some thought into it, your schedule. What days can you do it, what time of day, and travel time. If you commute to work, then is the gym (or whatever) on the way. Are mornings or evenings better and how does it fit in with your schedule? Can you shower at the gym and get ready for work or can you hit the gym on the way home and still make dinner with the family.Is it something you can do with your kids? My youngest son loved going to the gym while my oldest did not but we worked it out. These are all things to think about. It’s all part of the plan.

Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day, but let that guilt drive you to go back the next day on your schedule. Don’t give up easily but don’t beat yourself up either, just accept it and move on with a new drive to reach your goal. You can do this with a well thought out plan and plenty of motivation. Keep reminding yourself of why you are doing this and think of the end result and remember that you enjoy this, because sometimes you may hate it even though you love it. Sometimes it may feel like work but remember that your there to have fun. If you can enjoy what you do then you will  not give up!

If you get a few months into what you’re doing and find you don’t like it then find something new that will  help you reach your goal, you can do it. Don’t think you have to do the same thing for a year for success then there may be something else out there that you enjoy even more. Talk to people and do some research.

I like to go to the gym, I go at least 5 days a week for about 2 hours a day, I enjoy it and my kids are grown and I work from home so all of the stars are aligned for me at this point in my life. When my kids were you and I traveled for work it was not possible, but I found ways to stay in shape. Trust me when I say I know what it’s like to work 80 hour weeks and raise kids, it’s exhausting! There is always a way to find time to do something that you enjoy, you just have to be creative and flexible.

So please, find time to reach your goal, find a hobby or activity you enjoy. Remember that if you can get healthy, even if you do not reach that dream weight, you will feel better in the long run and have a better quality of life.

So, once again, plan, plan, plan, and then do some research, and be flexible! You can do anything if you really want to, keep thinking of the goal, and don’t quit, just make changes when necessary, you can change for the better!

2 lessons from Buddha that apply to much of life:

1) However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do you if you do not act on upon them?
2) There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.

Compromise and promise:

I’m sure if you’re awake you’ve heard of the fiscal cliff crisis in the US. This is something that the US federal government waited to the last minute to do anything about. Let me ask you something, was this a surprise? It has been out there for the last 4 years and they did nothing. It has been an issue for a long time and no one in power did anything. You know why, they didn’t have to, they didn’t care to, and no one made any effort because they were too busy with the election. If this were a business and their salaries depended on a decision, they may have done something. However, if it were a business that everyone was leaving at the end of the year, then only about half of the employees would have done something because most people care about the future, not all, but at least half. Our government is an embarrassment for this reason, they only care about their own reelection bids.

I am very disappointed how this was handled, and it was a team effort to let things get so bad, so don’t blame one person or one party. They let things get this bad as a team. This is a sign of things to come if we don’t see real change in the federal government, but it won’t change until something radical happens. I remember before my father died he said how bad the government was at doing anything, they always seemed to favor their contributors, not the people. When is the last time anyone in government cared about the people after being in office for more than a year? My dad died at 85 years old and he realized at 90 that it won’t change without a radical shakeup in the federal government. He knew that things would have to get really had before the people would make a real change.

When you look at the fiscal cliff you realize how transparent the politicians have become. They really can’t make any real productive change happen. We all have things we like and don’t like about government decisions. I noticed for most people, when they vote for someone, it becomes a one issue race. Many people vote for someone for one specific reason to include but not limited to abortion, economy, gay marriage, gun control, and so on. There are many issues that may be perceived as conservative or liberal but people usually care about one issue or they vote for a party just because it’s their party. It is my observation that in the end most politicians are more concerned about their own aspirations than that of the people.

So do we accept this? I would like to think not but let’s face it, we will go on with business as usual until things get really bad. That may not be for another 30 years or so. Then what? We may just vote a new guy in and hope for the best. I am hoping that we get a group of politicians that really care about America and the world to make changes. I would like to think that but it just doesn’t seem to fit our society any more. I can only hope for the best and make a change in my world, it’s all we can do. Make small changes in our worlds and hope that the small changes lead to something bigger.

I didn’t write this to give up hope, only to blow off some steam and to make you realize that if you make a change within your world, (family, friends, and work), then maybe something good will transpire outside of your circles. This is all we can do, try to motivate people to do better. We have to try to make the world a better place and we need to start now. I think we just need to start small with our family and friends, do something nice and share the love. Make someone happy, be kind, and don’t ask for anything in return except that they pass on the kindness. This is how we can make the world a better place, by creating a tide of help and support internally to roll outward to the world.