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Make up your own mind!

Make up your own mind!.


Make up your own mind!

I haven’t blogged in a long time because I have been very busy. I also had some feedback from someone who used to be in my life saying that they thought my thoughts were stupid, (maybe they are). Luckily, several other people seem to really appreciate my words. I am not much of a writer but I have some thoughts that occasionally I like to type. This helps me get some things off of my chest and it is a great way to vent.

So today I want to bring up something I have been listening to lately. I like a podcast called “Entrepreneur on Fire” with John Lee Dumas, great podcast. He had someone on that mentioned that you need to be selective about who you take advice from. Some people will try to help you based on their experience. So you need to look at those people and decide, are they trying to push you ahead or hold you down. Some people are so caught up in their problems that they resent other people getting ahead. This is something to think about; just because someone is your friend doesn’t mean they have good advice. They may be holding you back without even knowing it. In general we are conditioned to play it safe, at least most of us are like that. So we need to make up our own minds to do something that is out of the ordinary. Just because it’s not for someone else doesn’t mean that it’s not for you. I have become more conservative as I got older and that really bothers me. I often wish I could do more and suddenly I realized that I am holding me back because I worry about what other people think. The reality it only matters what a very few people think. So set yourself free and trust your instinct but don’t be stupid!