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Just trying to show the Valentines Day card, from mom to day.

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Love letters between my parents.

Hello all,

Transcription below the letters.

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I transcribed it the best I could, here is what I read;

City of Heaven

Date of Love

1940 Kisses

To the sweetest boy ever,

Nick my dearest,

I’ve been thinking of you all day. I can’t stop thinking and talking about anything but you. I just can’t wait to see you again. I was going to write to you this after noon but we had so much company. I didn’t get time. I had to go away too.

Daddy said I didn’t come home until four o’clock. Now you don’t know what time it was. If it would have been four, you wouldn’t have had to go to bed.

Nick dear, is Walt mad at you? I’m very sorry if I made you an enemy for I really didn’t mean to. You’ll forgive me, won’t you?

Mind you, I was at Sunday school this morn. Grandma called me at seven thirty. I could hardly get out of bed. I came home from church and practice an hour ago. I was going to wait until I went to bed to write but I almost fell asleep. I must get some sleep “tonite” for I only had three hours last “nite”.

Are you coming to Church Sunday Night? You better would for I’ll be expecting you. I you’ll find the way. Anyone will tell you where the Hill or the U.B. church is.

My girlfriend (Ada) and I are playing “Hookey” tomorrow and Tuesday. I hope Mr Bell doesn’t know it.

The Prairie Pals, a group of radio entertainers are going to be out at the grange hall, which is about three miles back of Duncannon, on Friday night. I think we are going. I hope so anyway.

I don’t think I’ll be home on Saturday but I’ll see you at willow Grove or “Arts”(If you are there) I have to go away and won’t get back until Late.

I have to go to practice Tuesday and Friday nights. I hope I get some sleep until then because I can hardly stay awake tonight.

Darling please forgive me for writing on this paper as I don’t have time to hunt my writing paper and I can’t keep the lines straight anyway.

I still have your pin. It is on the left lapel of my coat because –oh skip it—perhaps I’ll tell you when I see you. I think it is very pretty.

I’ll be expecting a letter very soon. I don’t want you to feel that way, remember what you told me about what I tried to do, for you know it is not true.

How are your chicks now? I hope better than ever.

I still love you more than ever before.

So long sweetheart, I’ll be a-seein’ you soon.

Yours forever,


Alias “Sis”

Don’t forget I’ll be expecting your letter on Saturday. Send it Friday so I get it on Saturday.

Answer very soon

Sending barrels of love and bushels of kisses I’m signing off and going to bed.


Love Letter ending;


Love Letters Between My Parents Book 1 

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