Love Letters of a Young Couple, now in PDF format!

Hello all,

I know some of you talked about getting the book I put together of Love Letters, so here they are in PDF format so you don’t need a kindle, you can look at them on your computer. You can change the size of the PDF so you can read it better as well. They are large files because each on has over 100 pages of letters in it. Here are the links;

Love Letters of a Young Couple, The Early Years

Love Letters of a Young Couple, Part2:1942 to 1944

As I was going through the love letters of my parents I decided to post some of them on my blog. I wanted the readers to appreciate the authenticity of the letters so I thought it would be best for you, the reader, to experience seeing the actual letters. It turned out that these were a big hit so I decided to put them together in a book for everyone read. This is something that I wanted to share with the world. You will enjoy this collection of love letter because it will remind you that teenagers are almost the same no matter what year it is. I hope you enjoy reading how Thelma was so passionate in her writing to Nick, her soon to be husband. 

I think you will enjoy both collections. Let me know what you think.



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